Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) City Regulations

Are ADUs allowed in Berkeley:


Number of ADUs allowed:

Only one accessory dwelling unit is allowed per lot.

Types of ADUs allowed:

Practically all. Detached, attached and junior ADUs are all permitted.

Lot size:

No minimum requirements.

ADU size:

The ADU is limited to a maximum of 750 sq. ft. or 75% of the main residence, whichever is less.


Side and rear setbacks are four feet minimum from property lines. Setbacks are not required if the ADU replaces existing structures within the required setback area.


Tandem parking in driveways is permitted. Additionally, ADUs built within a quarter mile of a BART station and located within an RPP zone require no additional parking spaces.

Fire Safety:

An ADU must meet the minimum fire flow and water pressure fire safety standards. However, ADUs may be built on properties on streets that do not meet minimum fire safety standards.

Shape, materials and style:

ADUs should be built to resemble primary residence in shape, style and materials used.


One story units are allowed.

Design review:

No design review is necessary for an ADU permit.


Property owner is required to occupy either the primary dwelling unit or the ADU.

Utility Connections:

ADUs are not considered new residential uses for the purposed utility connection fees or capacity charges.

Permit Fees:

Please refer to:


ADU entrance must be separate from primary dwelling unit entrance and cannot be on the front of said primary residence.

Allowed Zones:

R‐1, R‐1A, R‐2, R‐2A, R‐3, R‐4, R‐5, R‐S, R‐SMU

Open Space:

New construction must comply with coverage requirements of the district.

Lot Coverage:

New construction must comply with coverage requirements of the district.

Street Width:

Street width must be greater than 26 ft. If greater than 20 ft. but less than 26 ft., then can possibly be approved by an Administrative Use Permit (AUP).

Potential Income:

The average Berkeley rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is $2,900.

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