Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) City Regulations


Standard ADUs (SADUs) – permitted on residential lots where one principal, single-family residence exists.

Junior ADUs (JADUs) – all R-1, on qualifying R-2 | R-3 | R-G | and O-S lots with one principal single-family dwelling.

Lot Size:

No min/max, but must be located only within the area of the lot allowed for the principal residence as established by the underlying zoning district.

Maximum ADU Floor Area:

Standard ADUs – Must be a minimum of 150 sq. ft. and may not exceed the lower of 600 sq. ft. or 50% of the existing living area of the principal residence of the lot.

Junior ADUs – shall not exceed 500 sq. ft.

No. of Bedrooms:  

2 bedrooms maximum.

Storage/ Closet:

No minimum/maximum.

Kitchen / Bath:  

Standard ADUs – require separate bathroom and kitchen facilities (permanent range, counters, refrigerator, and sink).

Junior ADUs – must include an efficiency kitchen which includes: a sink, a cooking facility with appliances that do not require electrical services of greater than 120 volts and do not use propane gas, and a food prep counter no less than six feet in length and cabinets that are of reasonable size in relation to the size of the JADU. The food prep area may not be located in a closet. JADUs may include a bathroom or may share a bathroom with principal residence.  


Standard ADUs – One parking space per bedroom shall be required and may be provided through a conventional garage or carport; uncovered paved areas; tandem parking; or parking made available on other locations on the property. Off-street parking exceptions apply.

Junior ADUs – No additional off-street parking shall be required beyond that required for the principal residence.


Standard ADUs – must be separated from other structures on site by at least 10', or 8' if one structure has fire sprinklers, or 6' if both maintain fire sprinklers. Setbacks do not apply to garage conversion SADUs. Standard ADUs constructed above an existing garage must maintain a setback of 5' from side and rear property lines.

Junior ADUs – as JADUs are located entirely within an existing residence, no additional setbacks are required.


ADUs are limited to the height limitation applicable to the primary residence.


Standard ADUs – must be located only within the area of the lot allowed for the principal residence as established by the zoning district. May be attached to primary residence or detached.

Junior ADUs – must be constructed entirely within the existing walls of an existing single-family home and must incorporate an existing bedroom.

Rear Yard Coverage:

Must maintain consistency with zoning requirements designated for the lot.

Materials/ Design:

No ADU shall be established or maintained until a building permit is approved by the city. ADUs must be subordinate to the primary residence and must incorporate architectural features, materials, and colors compatible with said primary residence and adjacent neighborhood. If the ADU is visible from the public right of way, it is subject to the Single Family Design Review Process.   


Any outside stairway to the ADU shall not be in the front of the principal residence. Junior ADUs must have a separate exterior entrance that is not located on the front of the primary residence. Interior access between JADUs and the principal residence is required.

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